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The Space Between Dreaming & Awake 5-Week Online Course

This rich, experiential, and magical course is delivered via 5 live Webinar sessions beginning in September 2017. A fantastic opportunity to receive personalized coaching in the group setting!


The course materials include:

  • Module 1: Attune to the Cosmos
  • Module 2: Synchronize Your Energetic Frequency with the Earth's Heartbeat
  • Module 3: Open Up Your Ancient Knowing & Intuition
  • Module 4: Expand Into Your Highest Self & Divine Purpose
  • Module 5: Create Your 1-Year Action Plan for Your New & Redesigned Life


Let us dive deeply into the nature of reality. Let's "unlearn" what we have assumed to be true in the past, and open up to new ways of perceiving the world around us. Let us examine the lines of contrast between that which is "normal" to mainstream society versus that which is "normal" to shamans, Buddhist monks, and others who are experts in the imaginal & spirit realms.


Let us explore the fullness of what is truly available to YOU as a brilliant spiritual and physical being who was born of this blue-green Earth and this mysterious Cosmos. And let us use this information to re-examine and re-design your plans for the future in order to embrace astounding new possibilities for YOU to live your fullest and most joyful life.


By the end of the course, you will have much deeper clarity and focus on your life's purpose & mission. You will also have created your 12-month action plan to redesign your life, and you'll be opening to a new perspective which will allow you the flexibility, creativity, and insights to carry out your plan.



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